Eco work socks: Another step forward

mardi 5 mars 2024
Bata Industrials introduces Eco work socks, a new line of socks that takes Bata a step forward towards an eco-friendly world. The sock collection is made from recycled Pro-Cool® EcoMade polyester and Polyfresh® polyester. Information:

Both materials are GRS- and Oeko-Tex® certified and utilize fibers made from recycled PET bottles. The new Eco work socks are not only better for the environment but also offer unparalleled comfort, an excellent fit, and moisture regulation. Bata Industrials is continually working on better and more environmentally friendly products according to its corporate creed, "THAT’S ANOTHER STEP Ahead."

The collection includes work socks suitable for all seasons or those specifically designed to be extra cooling or warm. Particularly, the all-season work socks feature an asymmetrical sole for better load distribution and a natural rolling movement. The comfort is optimal due to the left and right knitted toe shape and protective terry cloth zones around the ankle and Achilles tendon.

Warm Eco work socks with merino wool
Keep your feet extra warm this winter with Thermo Eco socks, which, in addition to recycled materials, also contain merino wool. This is a very fine wool that does not itch on the skin and ensures a consistent temperature. It retains 30% moisture without feeling wet and is naturally elastic, dirt-resistant, and antibacterial.

Pro-Cool® EcoMade
The Pro-Cool® EcoMade polyester yarn used in the Eco work socks is made from recycled raw materials. The EcoMade fibers come from collected, cleaned, and processed plastic bottles, spun into yarn. The significant advantage of Pro-Cool® technology is its efficient moisture extraction from the material, ensuring rapid evaporation to keep your feet dry at all times.

Some socks in the collection contain Polyfresh® polyester, a fine yarn with air channels in the fibers for better moisture transport during sweating. Similar to Pro-Cool® EcoMade yarn, this feature keeps the skin drier. Additionally, this yarn includes ultra-fresh treatments to counteract the growth of bacteria. The GRS certification guarantees the use of recycled materials meeting strict social and ecological criteria. The fibers of this yarn also originate from PET bottles.
OEKO-TEX certified
All work socks from Bata Industrials, including the Eco socks, are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 product class II certified. This ensures the absence of harmful substances in the product (for direct skin contact) according to the annually established norms, examined, and guaranteed. The socks are manufactured with the utmost attention to human and environmental well-being.
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